We are in session all year round with group, semi-private, private, and travel lessons for adults and children of all ages.

Currently offering classes and workshops in Mundelein, Buffalo Grove, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lincoln Park, South Loop, and Hyde Park. Feel free to inquire about lessons in your area, or schedule a one time workshop with your group of friends !


Art is one of the most important ways we can assert ourselves as makers in this world!  Everyone can be an artist, by that I mean, everyone should have the confidence and freedom to express their ideas through ART.  There is no wrong way. I encourage my students to trust themselves and their notions as they strive to improve their skills and ideas. Both are essential.  I believe in positive feedback, and correct by showing How-To examples.  I never touch my students work, so it is all 100% authentically THEIRS!  I demonstrate and plan every lesson with a theme, technique, and medium in mind, and push each individual to strive to their personal best at any age!

During the year we cycle through all manner of techniques and mediums, covering subjects to the skill-appropriate depth.


portraiture / landscape / still life
drawing / painting from life
abstraction / color theory
3D mixed media / paper mache
drawing / painting from imagination
block printmaking
art history
field trips to local galleries and museums

Drawing: utilizing and learning how to use materials is vital with this medium, and in many regards, its the first step to forming our abilities.  From learning to hold a utensil properly to learning to shade realistically, all of the steps along the way are vital and not to be missed! The best way to be successful in drawing from our memories and imagination, is to learn to draw from life, training our hand-eye coordination.  Medium covered: graphite, pen, marker, colored pencil, pastel, oil pastel, ink, charcoal.

Painting:We begin with the color wheel and understanding color make-up and relationships.  This is an ongoing exploration of color blending, texture, and personal style.  We look at the work of artists across time periods and cultures, and follow up with hands on demos, showing how to use the medium to its full potential.  From Naturalism to Abstraction,to everything in between.  Mediums covered: watercolor, tempera, acrylic.  Oil available for advanced learners.

Print Making:Currently we offer linoleum block print making, which is a process not unlike making a stamp or woodcut.  We begin by creating a drawing of the image we will be carving and printing, and then transfer it directly onto the linoleum.  We carve, ink, and print our original editions, using water soluble inks.  See our gallery for our wonderful examples.

Mixed Media:Here is a space for experimentation, discovery, and risk taking.  This broad category includes collage, decoupage, and anything using nontraditional media to make our object or image.  Contemporary example or mixed media art abound, and the sky is the limit.

Our Prices
1 hr lesson – $25/single class or $20/session

1 1/2 hr lesson – $30/single class or $25/session

private lesson – $65

travel lessons – $65 minimum

monthly art supply fee: $3/class or $15/monthly